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Beaver Falls

Beaver Falls, Havasupai WaterfallsBeaver Falls is a series of cascades at the conflux of Beaver & Havasu Canyons.

To get there, you must climb down to the base of mooney falls, then follow the stream for about 3 miles. The trail crosses the creek several times before reaching Beaver Falls, but is passable. There is no potable water, so you must carry enough water with you. Portable water filters are suggested for emergency use.

Getting to Beaver Falls requires some work. You must first navigate the descent to the base of Mooney Falls, then trek 3 miles downstream, crossing the creek multiple times (you will get wet.) The trail is tough to follow at some points, but all that is required is to head downstream.

The trail will lead to a point where there appears to be no way to go, that's when you cross the stream. At one point on a rock ledge, there is a rope hanging down (always test ropes you did not place before climbing them). Climb up this rope. It is a difficult climb of around 8 feet, but the rope is located above the water, so any fall will be lessened.

Follow the trail up and follow it downstream. There is a rock chute/slide located to your left; this is the difficult access to the falls. There is an easier access point if you hike to the point just before the trail turns north to continue down the canyon. Look for ducks here. River rafters have beaten a path to the ledges where they jump. Go on upstream, gradually working your way to the creek bed. Climb down to the creek and the falls are just upstream. These pools are small, but still offer good swimming.