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The Havasupai Lodge manages and operates the 24 lodge which feature two double beds, private bathrooms, and air conditioning.

Tel: 1-928-448-2111 or
Tel: 1-928-448-2201
P.O. Box 159 Supai AZ, 86435

Tourism Office

Havasupai Tourism manages and operates tourism related activities including guided and unguided tours, a 200-person campground near Havasu Falls and a horse packing business in which tribal members serve as guides and provide saddle and pack horses that carry goods and visitors in and out of the canyon. The Tribal Packer’s Enterprise accepts reservations from tourists and schedules various tribal members to provide horses and guide services to those visitors.

Telephone: 1-928-448-2121,
or 1-928-448-2180
P.O. Box 160 Supai AZ, 86435


The Café provides a very basic menu to community members and visitors.

Tel: 1-928-448-2981

Trading Post

The Trading Post provides limited groceries and basic supplies to tribal members and visitors.

Tel: 1-928-448-2951

Wildlife and Hunting

Tel: 1-928-448-2217

Tribal Office

Tel: 1-928-448-2731
P.O. Box 10 Supai AZ, 86435