Grand Canyon Facts



Do I need to make reservations? Yes, you need to make reservations for the lodge or the campground or for a day pass in order to visit Havasupai. If you show up without one, fees will be doubled or you may be required to leave.

I can't get through on the phone, can I make reservations online? No, the only way to make reservations is by phone, please try again and check the website for information, sign up for the Havasupai Twitter Feed, and follow on Facebook.

How do I ride a horse or put my packs on a mule? If you are camping, the Tourism Office (also known as the Camping Office) can make arrangements for you within a week of your trip. If you are staying at the lodge, the lodge staff can arrange the details.

Can I bring my dog or other pets? Please leave your non-service pets at home, many dogs and natural residents of the canyon are present and your pet will be intruding into their space. They tolerate human encroachment but are not as patient with strange animals.

How long is the hike? 8 miles from Hilltop to Supai, and another 2.5 to the campground.

Can we swim and jump in the falls? Swimming in the refreshing waters in Havasu Canyon is welcomed. Please be aware of strong undercurrents and underwater obstacles, especially near the falls. Know your limitations and be aware of your group members when in and near the water. Jumping from the top of Havasu Falls and Mooney Falls is prohibited and deadly. People ignoring this warning have died from injury or drowning when jumping into the water from such heights.

Is there helicopter service? Yes: the cost is $85 per person each way, but pay special attention to the availability of the helicopter service. The helicopter service is available to hikers, but priority is given to tribal business and tribal members. There are no guarantees that the helicopter will be flying, even if it is a normal 'fly day'. Helicopter service may be canceled due to a variety of reasons: inclement weather, tribal holiday, closure of the campgrounds, etc.

Can I make a reservation for the helicopter? No - the helicopter service is available on a first come first serve basis. Sign up for transport is available around 9am to around 1pm. A backup plan is suggested in case there is no service on your travel day due to one of the reasons mentioned above.

Is the helicopter ride scenic? Well, yes and no. The ~5 minute flight provides simple transportation from Hilltop to Supai and back. Although the canyon fly over and through is beautiful, this is not a sight seeing flight and the route does not fly over the falls. You may see the helicopter fly over the falls on the way to the campgrounds to transport the portable toilets in/out or for another reason, but no passengers are on board during those operations. Scenic tour of the Grand Canyon in a helicopter or a plane

What is the weather like? Please check our weather page for average temperatures, or you can check Current Conditions, or a 10 day forecast.