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Planning Your Visit to Havasupai and the Grand Canyon

Guided Havasu Falls Hiking ToursThe first step is to secure a reservation for the dates you plan to visit. Reservations for camping and the lodge are only taken via telephone. 2013 reservations will open sometime in mid January or early February. Watch this website or Facebook for the announcement or sign up for the Havasupai Twitter feed.

Reservation fees are listed on the camping and lodging pages, the fees are reasonable and provide a much needed source of income for the tribe.

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Transportation to Havasupai

The only way to get to Hualapai Hilltop is by driving. It's roughly a 4 hour drive from both Flagstaff and Las Vegas. At this time, there isn't a shuttle, bus or train that services the area. Renting a vehicle or having your own are the best methods of reaching Hilltop. Guided Tours provide transportation most of the year from Flagstaff.

Parking lot at Haulapai Hilltop (aka Hilltop for short), which is an 8 mile hike or horseback ride from Supai, is the closest you can get in your car, truck, or motorhome.

The nearest major airports are in Phoenix and Las Vegas, both are five or so hours away by car. Coming from either direction, you will need to take Interstate 40 to Route 66, then to Indian 18 (see maps.)

Nearby Services

Hilltop is at the end of Indian Road 18 - a paved road that is minimally maintained. The closest services are 60+ miles from Hilltop (and there are no services available at Hilltop):

Peach Springs - gas*, food*, lodging - 66 miles from Hilltop

Seligman - gas, food, lodging - 93 miles from Hilltop

Flagstaff - gas, food, lodging - 190 miles from Hilltop

South Rim - gas, food, lodging - 200 miles from Hilltop

* Gas and food may not always be available in Peach Springs after
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Other Grand Canyon Activities

Havasupai is known as "the heart of the Grand Canyon" but there are other fantastic things to do and see while you're visiting: